Career Development

Graduate & Professional Schools Visitations & Materials

The Career Development Office has a variety of brochures and catalogs from different graduate and professional schools that students can view to learn more about the school. The office also invites different graduate or professional schools to come to Claflin University and conduct interviews with students. Every year the Career Development Office hosts the Graduate & Professional Schools Fair Day. During this event representatives from different graduate and professional schools will be present to provide students with information on their school. 

While researching schools, note that application procedures and deadlines vary from institution to institution. In fact, you may want to start this entire process a year and a half in advance of when you wish to enroll; this will give you plenty of time to do everything in preparation for graduate study. The entire process of considering and applying to graduate school can be done in the following steps:

  • Research institutions and programs of interest
  • Obtain application forms and information. Be aware of the deadlines for these items.
  • Obtain information about financial aid resources available
  • Register with national application services, if appropriate to your area of interest (e.g., LSDAS)
  • Visit institutions of interest and compare them to evaluate your options
  • Meet all application requirements Graduate Admissions Tests
  • Interview, if necessary
  • Wait for admission decisions--check on the status of your application
  • Choose the best school for you. Be ready for multiple offers--how will decide on what is the best offer for you? Prepare yourself for the possibility that you might not receive any offers--what is your plan of action if no offers are forthcoming?
  • Complete application materials and financial aid packages and mail them

Letters of Recommendation
Application Essays or Personal Statements
Interviews, Portfolios, or Auditions
Any Additional Requirements

Financial aid does exist for graduate study, but seeking it out demands persistent research and follow-up on your part. The best sources of information are often universities to which you are applying.


Graduate School Testing Information

For more information about graduate school testing click the links below:

GRE (Graduate Record Examination-General Test and Subject Tests)
Stop by the Career Development Office to find out about the GRE fee waiver.

GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test)

LSAT (Law School Admission Test)

MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)

The Praxis Series (Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers)