The Freshmen College

Freshmen Assembly Program

Weekly assemblies are designed to foster a sense of community that is open, caring, celebrative and supportive.

Assembly Objectives

  • To provide activities and experiences designed to heighten the level of civility, Christian responsibility and African-American heritage.
  • To provide a forum for academic schools and departments to share activities that extend learning beyond the classroom.
  • To provide a forum for creative and innovative student presentations and programs.
  • To provide a forum for outstanding national, state and community leaders.
  • To present a time for University-wide announcements of upcoming events.

 Program Goals

  • To assist freshmen in their transition from high school into their collegiate life.
  • To provide year-long orientation groups to build a strong peer support network starting on day one.
  • To increase the retention rate at the end of the first year.
  • To encourage students to become actively engaged with the campus community.
  • To provide appropriate study skills and time management seminars.
  • To provide, through computer-assisted instruction, academic enhancement to students enrolled in developmental courses.
  • To provide comprehensive counseling services to first-year students.
  • To assist first-year students in planning their collegiate program.
  • To provide tutorial services for all freshmen students.
  • To implement a full student tracking system.
  • To provide training for faculty.