Information Technology Services

The mission of Information Technology Services (ITS) is to meet the information technology needs of Claflin University by providing reliable access, with responsive service and support, to the IT resources. In support of the University mission, ITS continually looks for ways to incorporate new technologies to improve processes associated with instruction, research and administration. ITS provides information for strategic decision support, and for tactical and operational needs. ITS also provides the information infrastructure (in terms of technology, training and consulting) to empower people to make effective use of information resources.

 Technical Support for Student Computers

Due to liability reasons, ITS does not repair personal computers, laptops or printers belonging to students. Therefore, it is very important that you purchase warranty. Make sure you know the terms of your warranty. The IT Department will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your computer, laptop or printer.

 Telephone and Voice Services

ITS provides the campus with both basic and advance telecommunication services, establishes voice mail, coordinates troubleshooting like repair, and moves and changes phone numbers for the faculty, staff and students on campus.

 Computing Services

ITS manages the University's computer labs, develops and maintain the configuration of the laptop and desktop PCs, maintains the PC software site licensing and provides general support for the PCs at the University. 

 Equipment Request Form

ITS has a limited number of projectors and screens that can be utilized for presentations. If you need to borrow equipment for a presentation, please submit a request form 2 days prior to your event.  Download the form and fill it out.  To submit the form, e-mail it to  You will receive a ticket number from Helpdesk, but that will not be a confirmation of equipment availability.  The Helpdesk will e-mail you to let you know if we have equipment available for your event.  Prior to your event, you will need to stop by ITS to sign the form and to pick up the equipment (if applicable).  By signing the form you take responsibility for securing and returning any ITS equipment that you borrow.  ITS Equipment Request Form (pdf)

 University Policies and Security

ITS manages design solution, installation and configuration, and maintenance of the campus network system. This includes direct access to Internet, Intranet, Webmail and other resources of the campus.

 Long Range Technology Plan 2016-2021

Long Range Technology Plan 2016-2021