Information Technology Services

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How to report a work order (faculty & staff):

Reporting a work order is easy. You just simply send an e-mail to Your request is automatically entered into our work order system (TrackIT). A confirmation page is automatically sent to you with a ticket number that you can use to check on the status of your work order.

How to report a work order (students):

Students should report any technical problems they may have pertaining to telephones, cable TV or internet access to their resident managers. Resident managers will then forward all requests to the IT department to be entered into
our work order system.  You can also report your problem directly to the helpdesk.

Turn around time:

Our goal is to offer you technical support in a timely manner so that you can work effectively and efficiently. Requests should be attended to within 2-3 business days. Because we are busy at different times during the semester, we ask that you be patient until we can service your request.

For better assistance:

To help us better understand your problem, it would be beneficial to give us as many details as possible, as well as to write down any error messages you may be receiving.


In some cases you will be directed to a documented source located on the IT webpage. This will allow you to resolve some of your own technical problems and give us time to work on other requests.

Contact the Helpdesk: or 803-535-5SOS

Other resources: