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Guidelines for creating a good password

Passwords are very important and having a strong password will better protect your dataand your network.  Creating passwords may seem annoying, but they are necessary. Creating a strong password can be easy.  The following guidelines have been created to assist you in creating a good password.

Password guidelines:

  • It must be at least 8 characters long.
  • It must contain at least one number and one character.
  • You cannot use a previously used password.

 How to avoid “bad” passwords

Avoid passwords that would be easy for someone to guess. 

 Don’t use:

  • Phone numbers
  • Names (salley)
  • All uppercase or all lowercase words (money, MILLION)
  • Short words (dog)
  • Slang (moneygrip)
  • Sequential letters or numbers (qrstuv, 123456)
  • Personal information (birth dates, SS#, favorite color, pets name)

 When to change your password

 Passwords automatically expire every 90 days, however you should change your password if:

  •  You have written it down and have misplaced it.
  •  You have shared your password with anyone else.
  •  You suspect someone has been using your computer without your consent.

 When creating passwords try to include at least one number and one character.
 Click here to see more password examples. (pdf)