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Guidelines for creating a good password

Passwords are very important and having a strong password will better protect your dataand your network.  Creating passwords may seem annoying, but they are necessary. Creating a strong password can be easy.  The following guidelines have been created to assist you in creating a good password.

Password guidelines:

  • It must be at least 8 characters long.
  • It must contain at least one number and one character.
  • You cannot use a previously used password.

 How to avoid “bad” passwords

Avoid passwords that would be easy for someone to guess. 

 Don’t use:

  • Phone numbers
  • Names (salley)
  • All uppercase or all lowercase words (money, MILLION)
  • Short words (dog)
  • Slang (moneygrip)
  • Sequential letters or numbers (qrstuv, 123456)
  • Personal information (birth dates, SS#, favorite color, pets name)

 When to change your password

 Passwords automatically expire every 90 days, however you should change your password if:

  •  You have written it down and have misplaced it.
  •  You have shared your password with anyone else.
  •  You suspect someone has been using your computer without your consent.
  •  You have been a victim of phishing or spam.

 When creating passwords try to include at least one number and one character.
 Click here to see more password examples. (pdf)