Information Technology Services

Access Your Network Drive (H: drive)

When a computer user account is created, a network drive (represented as H:) is also created for you to store your files on. This allows you to access your files from any computer on campus. To access your H: drive, log onto a computer using your username and password. In My Computer\ Computer, you will see a drive labeled as H: with your username located next to it. This is the format you will see it in: jdoe (\\appserv\home) (H:). You can see this in the example below.


  • The H: drive is very useful when you don’t have a removable storage media available (USB (flash) drive or CD) and can even be used to backup important data.

  • The H: drive is utilized by faculty, staff and students, so be sure to delete old files you do not need from your H: drive to free up space.

  • Although the drive is shared, you can only see your files.

  • If you do not see the H: drive under My Computer\ Computer, stop by the IT Department and we will set it up for you.