Information Technology Services

Panther Card FAQ

What is the Panther Card System?

The Panther Card system is a single University issued card. The card controls three major areas:

Identification: Official University picture identification card.

Cafeteria: Using one of the meal plans or Panther Bucks.
The Paw: Using Panther bucks.
Bookstore: Using Panther Bucks.
Library: Making copies using Panther Bucks.

Access Control:
Door Access: Access to dorm buildings.
Attendance: Attendance at required assemblies.

What are Panther Bucks?

Panther Bucks are the same thing as cash. They can be used for any financial purchases anywhere on campus. Examples include, purchasing a meal in the cafeteria for you or a friend, food in The Paw, copies in the library, and purchases in the university bookstore.

How do I use it in the Cafeteria?

When you enter the cafeteria, your Panther Card will be swiped in a card reader. The reader will indicate whether you have enough points on your meal plan and deduct one point for the meal. If there is not enough points, you will have the opportunity to use Panther Bucks to purchase a meal. You will only be able to charge one meal plan point
per meal. Meals which are not used are lost and will not be allowed to accumulate.
Meals can not be transferred and the card bearer must be the card owner.

How do I use it in the Bookstore?

The card can be used in the Bookstore to make any purchase using available Panther Bucks.

How do I put money on it?

To place money on the card, go to the cashier’s office on the first floor of Tingley Hall
during regular business hours. When you are trying to decide how much to place in Panther Bucks, remember that once the money is placed on the card, it can not be converted back to cash until you withdraw from school or the end of the school year.

Can I make copies in the Library?

The library copier on the main library floor has been equipped with a card reader.
Panther Bucks are the only tender which can be used with this card reader.
The machine is also equipped with a coin machine to accept coins as well as the card.

Can I use the Cafeteria Meal Plan in The Paw?

This is currently being requested but has not received approval at this time. The Paw will only accept cash or Panther Bucks. Cafeteria points can not be used in The Paw at this time.

Can I make purchases at the one of the vending machines?

This is currently being evaluated and has received positive responses from the vendor.
The vendor has a couple of problems to overcome but is working on it. We anticipate this will occur. Panther Bucks will be the only tender which can be used for vending machines.

What about printing? Will the card be to control printing?

Printing control is currently be evaluated at this time, however we currently do not
use the card for this.

How do I use it for Dorm Building access?

Each building is outfitted with a proximity reader at each door. The card is a proximity
card and getting the card within 4 inches of the proximity reader will grant or deny
access to the dorm building. The only dorm building you will be given access to is the
one you live in. If you do not live in a dorm building, you will be denied access. The front doors readers will be the only doors which will work after 10pm. All other doors will not work via the card reader.

How does the attendance at required assemblies work?

When you attend required assemblies, simply touch or wave your Panther Card in front
of the readers at the door. A green light will indicate a successful read and you are
marked as attended. A red light and a beep will indicate that the read was not
successful. In this case, please notify the person in charge of the assembly of the
problem. Make sure you are counted as attended. You may be required to scan again when the assembly is over.

Can I use the card off campus?

Unfortunately, no, your Panther Card can only be used on campus and NOT off campus. The card does not have any capabilities to support purchases off campus.

What are the recommended amounts to placed on the card?

Different times of the year will change the amounts to place on the card. More money
will need to be place in Panther Bucks to make purchases for books and supplies in the Bookstore. After this period, keep only enough money on the card to cover weekend purchases, occasional meals at The Paw, copies at the Library and supply purchases
at the Bookstore.