Information Technology Services

What to do when...Your computer won’t turn on

  1. Make sure the computer is plugged in. Ensure that the power cable is securely plugged in to the power outlet as well as to the back of the computer.
  2. If your computer is plugged into a power strip, make sure the switch is turned on.
  3. Sometimes if there is a CD in the CD-Rom drive, the computer will not boot up, giving you the impression that it will not turn on. If the green light is on, the computer is on. If you can, remove the CD to see if the computer will continue to boot up.  If a flash drive is plugged in, that may also cause the computer not to start. Unplug it and then try again.

  4. The computer maybe sleep or hibernating.  Press any key on the keyboard or move the mouse to wake it up.  In some cases you may have to press the power button to wake it up.

  5. If everything seems to be in order, call IT and we will be glad to assist you.