Information Technology Services

Faculty/Staff Wireless Access

The University provides all Faculty/Staff with valid network user accounts with full access to the University resources through the CU-Staff wireless network.  This network is not broadcasting the SSID so you may not see it listed in the listing of available wirless networks.

To connect to the CU-Staff wireless network:

Select the instructions for your operating system from the
Wireless link located on the left. Substitute CU-Staff in place of CU-Students.
Note: The name CU-Staff is case sensitive and must match as typed here:  CU-Staff



  • You will not see the CU-Staff wireless network because it is not being broadcasted
  • You will need to have a Faculty/Staff user account to access this network
  • Your account will lock after 3 unsucessful attempts, please wait 30 minutes for a timeout reset and re-try

If you continue to have problems, please bring your laptop or device to the IT Helpdesk located in the James S. Thomas (JST) building, room 128.  You may also call the IT Helpdesk at 803-535-5SOS (5767).