Information Technology Services

Student Wireless Access

For all current students, Claflin University provides the CU-Students and CU-PANTHER wireless networks to allow students to gain access to all of the University resources required by students.

To have full access to the network you will need to setup your laptop or device to be able to access the CU-Students wireless network or the NEW CU-PANTHER wireless network (in certain buildings). Use the instructions below to connect to the CU-Students or CU-PANTHER wireless networks:

CU-PANTHER is currently accessible in the following buildings: GTK, Asbury Hall, Claflin Commons, Corson Hall, Dunton Hall, and SRC South.  As we continue to install access points, this list will continue to grow.  So if you reside in one of these buildings, please substitute CU-Students for CU-PANTHER using the instructions below.

  1. iPhone/iPad Wireless Setup - Wireless Setup on Apple products flyer
  2. Android Wireless Setup - Wireless setup on Android flyer
  3. Windows 7 Setup - Wireless Setup Instructions for Windows 7 - CU-Students


  • If you can not access the Claflin website, be sure you are connected to the CU-Students or CU-PANTHER wireless network
  • Sometimes restarting your computer can fix wireless connection problems
  • You must have a current Claflin University student login and password
  • Your account may be locked if you had more than 3 unsuccessful attempts, please wait 30 minutes and retry

If you still cannot connect, you can bring your computer or device to the IT Helpdesk in the James S. Thomas (JST) building, room 128.  You may also call the helpdesk at 803-535-5SOS (5767).