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Request for Data 

All Requests

Should your office receive a request for institutional or assessment data, please complete your section and forward the forms or material with detailed instructions to the Division of Planning, Assessment and Information Services. The office will provide copies of completed surveys or questionnaires as deemed appropriately.

To ensure institutional effectiveness and on-going compliance with reporting data for Claflin University the following procedures have been developed.

  • All requests being made to the Division of Planning, Assessment and Information Services should be made using the online Data Request Form.
  • For assistance with completing the form please contact the Office of Testing and Assessment.
  • Once a form has been submitted via the web, a confirmation notice of receipt will be sent.
  • Due to on-going requests we ask that all data request submissions be made at least 5-10 business days before your deadline to ensure the data is process with accuracy. Depending on the nature of each request, your submitted Data Request Form will be completed within 2-5 business days.
  • Institutional and assessment data is available on the PAIS webpage. If you are unable to access data from this site or received a request from an external source. For a quick response, please use the PAIS Contacts to locate the appropriate department or employee within the division.

Assistance with Surveys


The Office of Testing and Assessment Services/ Institutional Research at Claflin University does not provide assistance with the wording and online posting of survey instruments originating from external sources. The extent of assistance provided with conducting surveys and analyzing survey data is up to the discretion of the office.

Institutional Research Data Request Form

Semester Year
Description of Request
Data that are held in confidence are typically as follows:
  • Data on individual students or employees must be held confidential as stated by federal legislation and the university’s custom.
  • Data on other institutions that wasn't obtained through public documentation.
  • Data that is not for public awareness.