Office of International Education

Supporting the University's visionary intent, the Office of International Education provides a foundation for growth, progress and innovation. The mission of the Office of International Education would be to provide leadership in advocating for, supporting and pursuing the University's goals for international education and exchange.


To nurture its legacy of developing global visionaries who will lead in their communities locally, nationally and internationally by infusing an international dimension in teaching, scholarship and service.


Aligned with the University's mission, the mission for the Office of International Education is to provide students with access to international education opportunities that sustain the rich community at Claflin University to nurture and develop the skills and character needed for engaged global citizenship through visionary and effective leadership to confront the challenges facing the global society.

The Office of International Education achieves this mission through:

  • Helping facilitate global learning experiences for students
  • Supporting faculty in acquiring relevant global learning experiences that will ultimately impact the academic experiences they facilitate for students
  • Working with the faculty in designing a curriculum that fosters global learning and infuses global perspectives that embraces diversity/multicultural education throughout the undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education experience.
  • Attracting the best and brightest international students and visiting scholars to Claflin University
  • Reaching out to international alumni and other entities to support the global agenda through giving
  • Advocating for the transformation of the campus culture into one that celebrates global learning
  • Establishing strong ties with local communities that will support the global agenda at Claflin University

Meet the Director

Dr. de SouzaA passionate educator, Dr. de Souza has been diligent to help students become competitive within a global landscape and to explore varied cultural and educational experiences. Armed with a B.A. in International Trade from Auburn University and a Masters in Hispanic Studies, Dr. de Souza has assembled a unique pedagogy that compliments her expertise. Her doctoral dissertation examined institutional transformation through the process of internationalization at Stanford University, Kalamazoo College, and Troy University.

As a Brazilian American, she is multicultural and multilingual which is an immeasurable asset in any educational space. Her apt to learn new languages and cultures reflects the respect she has for diverse cultures, issues of identity and her desire for meaningful connections with stakeholders working at all levels.

Dr. de Souza is consistently doing research and making international community connections to strengthen and create opportunities for her students and the university at large. Her goal is to make Claflin University a command force on the global landscape.

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