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Decode the language of life. Imagine the growing world of computer technology being applied to biological questions - that's Bioinformatics!


Here are a few classes you will take as a Bioinformatics major.


General Biology; Principles of Chemistry; Discrete Mathematics


Health & Human Performance; Genetics; Calculus; Molecular Biology; Linear Algebra


Applied Bioinformatics; Numerical Methods; Data Structures


Senior Seminar; Database; Senior Design Project; Applied Statistics; Applied Bioinformatics II

Careers and Outcomes

From answering questions like where do we come from, how are different species related, to predicting which cancer drugs a patient is likely to respond to, Bioinformatics harnesses the power of computing and big data to answer important questions. In the Bioinformatics major you will learn about both biological interactions as well as computer science. You'll learn how to program, troubleshoot, and apply these programs to answering a large variety of biological questions.

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Courses & Requirements

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