New Student Orientation - Spring

We can't wait to CU @ NSO! Welcome to New Student Orientation at Claflin University!

Information you need to know before arriving to Claflin University

  1. PAYMENT DUE DATES: Payment for the spring semester is due on or before December 18, 2018 to ensure all financial requirements are addressed before the freshman arrival date of January 7, 2019.   If you have any questions about your financial aid status, please contact Financial Aid at (803) 535-5334.  Please contact (803) 535-5131, if you have questions about your account balance or need to speak with someone in Student Accounts.
  2. Upon completion of your financial clearance, you will participate in New Student Move-In Day on Monday January 7, from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in Ministers' Hall.
    The Official program begins at 1:15 p.m.
  3. Welcome Panther coverTo ensure a smooth transition, please read the Welcome Panther Spring 2019 booklet.  It contains all of the important information in preparation for Move-In Day and beyond. A copy has been emailed to all new students, however, you can click the picture to view.  

Again, we encourage you to address your financial clearance requirements and we look forward to welcoming you into the Class of 2022.

  • When is New Student Orientation?
    New Student Orientation begins on Monday, January 7, 2019 and ends on Wednesday, January 9, 2019.

  • What is Financial Clearance?

    Financial Clearance is obtained once you have finalized your schedule, received your housing assignment, finalized all financial aid requirements and received your award letter, paid your remaining balance in full, or setup a recurring payment plan for the balance due on your account. If you have a credit balance or zero balance or have setup your recurring payment plan, you are considered to be financially clear. For Spring 2019, students must be financially cleared by 12/18/2018. For questions or concerns regarding the status of your student account balance, please contact the cashier’s office at (803) 535-5131. Please note that the university will be closed from December 20, 2018 - January 2, 2019. Offices will open on Thursday, January 3, 2019 at 8:00 a.m.

    Financial Clearance Image 

  • When is Move-in Day?

    All new students are asked to move in on Monday, January 7, 2019. Move in day is an exciting time. Our staff members and student leaders are very excited to welcome you and we ask that all of our incoming students and families bring their patience and excitement as we guide you through the move-in process.

    • Move-in for residential students (those living on campus) begins at 9:30 a.m - 12:30 p.m.  Please do not plan to arrive prior to that time. Check in with Freshman College at Ministers' Hall. 
    • Students who have questions about their account are asked to confirm their financial clearance status by contacting Student Accounts at (803) 535-5131.  
    • Commuter students (those not living on campus) will check-in between 12:00 - 12:30 p.m. at the Ministers' Hall. Please enter through the main gate on Magnolia Street.
    For any additional questions, please contact the Freshman College at (803) 535-5282.
  • What is Common Reader?

    The RainsThis year, as a community we are reading The Rains.

    The Rains: Voices for American Liberty is a fact-based novel inspired by real people and actual events. The story is set in antebellum Philadelphia when the city was a hotbed for the abolitionist movement and a major crossroads for the Underground Railroad. However, it offers far more than a localized history. It is an uplifting tale of the battle for the soul of a nation and a remembrance of an unrelenting quest for a greater America.
    Students will be provided with a complimentary copy upon arrival to New Student Orientation.

    Claflin University Common Reader 2018 Reflection Questions

    Claflin University is committed to Exemplary Educational Programs.  We believe that as you begin your journey at Claflin, one of the best ways to understand your purpose as a student is to read a common book, discuss it during orientation and apply what you learn to your life at Claflin University and beyond. 

    This year’s common read book, The Rains, reflects upon the importance of social justice, education and individual purpose.  As you read, we want you to ponder, question and reflect upon the issues raised in the story of the many historical characters who seek to bring about meaningful and impactful social change.  Be prepared to share your thoughts in a small group setting during new student orientation week.  All new students need to read the book before the Common Reader Discussion session on Tuesday, August 14, 2018. Note: Books were mailed the first week of July to the home address of students who attended early registration days between April and June. Students attending the July 14th Early Registration Day will receive books on site. 

    In addition to the common reader discussion, you will continue to explore issues and themes across courses during First Year Experience programs.

    Discussion Questions
    • Can you name all of the persons listed on the front cover of this book?

    • Has the book left you with any ideas for ameliorating the conditions that led to the hostilities of race and class even after the 15th Amendment?

    • Why do you think the author chose to write this book as historical fiction rather than a biography of Octavius Cato?  Have you ever read historical fiction in the past?  What grasped your attention?

    • What critical factors, if any, in the lives of the characters in the book resonate with you?

    • Ellen Craft disguises herself to pull off the greatest escape ever.  How do you think you might reinvent yourself in order to succeed in college?

    • The “time bandits” are described as those who “incessantly striped the Negro of his humanity and robbed him of the one possession he had at his disposal; time, precious time.”  Do “time bandits still exist today?  If so, who/what are they and in what ways do they take time?

    • The author begins each chapter with a quote from a historical speaker or writer.  What types of stories have been passed down in your families?

    • Is learning about slavery important to you?

  • What is "Welcome Panther?"

    Welcome_Panther Cover

    To ensure a smooth transition, all incoming students who have paid their initial fee of 120 dollars will receive their electronic version of the Welcome Panther. Please click on the Welcome Panther booklet to read online.  It contains all of the important information in preparation for Move-In Day and beyond. 

  • Where do I stay?

    Please make arrangements to arrive at Claflin campus by move in day. If you arrive earlier than this date, here’s a list of recommended hotels:

    Hampton Inn & Suites
    749 Citadel Road
    Orangeburg, South Carolina, 29118
    (803) 937-5800

    Best Western Inn & Suites of Orangeburg
    746 Citadel Road
    Orangeburg, South Carolina, 29118
    (803) 515-9700

    Country Inn & Suites
    731 Citadel Road
    Orangeburg, SC 29117
    (803) 928-5300

    Fairfield Inn by Marriott
    663 Citadel Road
    Orangeburg, SC 29118
    (803) 533-0014

    Holiday Inn Express and Suites
    118 Sleep Inn Road, Exit
    Orangeburg, SC 29118
    (803) 539-2900

    Sleep Inn
    3689 Saint Matthews Rd
    Orangeburg, SC 29118
    (803) 531-7200

    South Atlantic Seventh-day Adventist Worship and Convention Center
    514 Neeses Highway
    Orangeburg, SC
    (404) 792-0535, Ext. 111 (Marlene Edwards)

  • How do I get to Claflin University?


    • South on I - 95 into South Carolina
    • Exit 97 onto US- 301 [Five Chop Road]
    • Continue on US- 301 for 21.4 miles
    • Bear slightly left onto John C. Calhoun Dr.
    • Keep STRAIGHT Calhoun for 1.2 miles
    • Turn right onto Magnolia Street
    • Campus is on the right


    • North on I–95 into South Carolina
    • Exit 86B for I-26 W toward Columbia
    • Merge onto Interstate 26 West
    • Continue on I-26 for 65.5 miles
    • Take exit 154A and merge onto US-301 [Five Chop Rd]
    • Continue on US-301 for 6.9 miles
    • Bear slightly left onto John C. Calhoun Dr.
    • Keep STRAIGHT Calhoun for 1.2 miles
    • Turn right onto Magnolia Street
    • Campus is on the right


    • Take I-26 East towards Charleston
    • Continue for 31.9 miles
    • Take Exit 145A and merge onto US 601 S/St. Matthews Rd toward Orangeburg
    • Continue on US-601 [becomes Magnolia] for 4.5 miles
    • Keep STRAIGHT on Magnolia St.
    • Campus is on the left


    • Go East on U.S. 601 (Old Edisto Drive/ US 301/SC-4) toward Cannon Bridge Road
    • Turn Right onto Magnolia St. (US-21).
    • Campus is on the left.
  • Where do I park?

    All students are required to check in at Ministers' Hall between 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. prior to checking at the residence hall.

    Parking for New Student Orientation is permitted in the lots listed below:

    SRC South and Asbury Hall unloading zones

    Students assigned to SRC South will enter the campus from the Goff Ave entrance by driving from the gym through Millwood Ave and turning right onto Goff Ave. The student will then turn left and enter the rear gates of the campus. There will be an officer to direct the student to the unloading areas for their belongings on the side walk in front of SRC South and behind Asbury Hall. Make sure someone stays with your belongings when you move your vehicle.


    Kleist Hall

    The students of Kleist Hall should enter the campus through the front Magnolia Street entrance. The students of Kleist Hall will then make the first right turn, circle the median and then be allowed to unload their belongings in Kleist Circle on the sidewalk and then have their vehicle moved to lot #1. These parking lots have posted signs indicating the lot number. Please have someone to stay with your belongings while your vehicle is being moved.

    Corson Hall and Dunton Hall

    The student should enter the campus through the front Magnolia Street entrance and may park in front of Corson Hall to unload their belongings. Their vehicle should then be moved to the lots where posted signs are indicating the lot number. Please have someone to stay with your belongings while your vehicle is being moved.


    High-rise Residence Hall

    Students may park behind High-rise Residence Hall to unload their belongings. Once their belongings are unloaded they may enter the building through the bottom level and top entrances. Please do not park along the yellow curb on Goff Ave.


    Note: Towing is strictly enforced in unauthorized areas.

  • Who may I bring to Orientation?

    At Claflin University, we realize that families are in transition when students leave home for college. Orientation to campus life is important to help parents, guardians, or other guests understand and support their student.

    We invite parents and family members to attend the Parent Orientation Sessions. This session will prepare parents for the adjustments to college life and the transtition your student will experience at Claflin University. This event can include parents, aunts, uncles, godparents, guardians, siblings, or grandparents. Your support of the student’s education is critical to their success!

    The orientation information sessions allow parents, guardians, and other adults to learn about how your student will spend the next four years. You will get a glimpse of campus life, how to support your student while they are pursuing their degree, and how you can stay involved. You will also have an opportunity to meet other parents, learn the basics of living on campus, and the many valuable resources available to support student success.

    Move in weekend is also an excellent opportunity for parents to be introduced to and register for the Panther Parent Association, an organization designed to support and promote the interests of parents of students currently enrolled at Claflin University. There is no cost for membership! Each member will receive quarterly newsletters and have the chance to work firsthand with other members and university staff to organize Parents Weekend as well as other activities.

President’s Message 

Hi Jess

Dear Members of the Class of 2022:

Welcome to Claflin University! We are excited that you have chosen Claflin University to help build your future and reach your full potential as a visionary leader for the 21st Century. The Class of 2022 is enrolling at the University at a pivotal period in its illustrious history. During the 2018-2019 academic year, you will be among students, faculty, staff, alumni and other stakeholders who will celebrate the University’s historic achievement of 150 years of academic excellence and visionary leadership.

Throughout its history, Claflin’s hallmark has been the richness of its environment for living and learning. The University offers experiential experience that will enable you to develop a special inner confidence and to discover the visionary leadership within you. It is expected that you will be proactive and take full advantage of all that the University has to offer in and out of the classroom, including study abroad opportunities and internships.

Claflin is committed to excellence in all that it does. The University is unmistakably among the leading institutions in higher education. In terms of academic quality, Claflin has been consistently recognized as one of America’s best colleges The University’s national reputation extends to the prestigious President’s Honor Roll for Service and Service Learning, a distinction that has been bestowed to the University for 11 consecutive years. Recently, Claflin was named HBCU of the Year by HBCU Digest. 

I challenge you to remain steadfast in your commitment to personal and professional development. With the expectation that you will be encouraged by the intellectual influence and expertise of our world class faculty and nurturing staff, I am confident your enrollment at Claflin University will be richly fulfilling and rewarding.

First Lady Alice Carson Tisdale and I, along with faculty, staff, students and alumni, are excited to have you become a part of the Claflin University Family because “The World Needs Visionaries.” 


Henry N. Tisdale

purpose of new student orientation

New Student Orientation is offered at the start of both the Fall and Spring semesters. All incoming first-time freshmen are expected to attend. 

New Student Orientation at Claflin University is an 4-day transition experience designed to provide you with an introduction to the academic and social expectations at the University as well as the resources available to you during your educational experience.At the end of the week, you will feel like a Panther roaring to start the academic year off strong.

Parent Orientation

Stay and be engaged!
Parents and other family members are invited to attend Information sessions designed to provide information, materials and contacts to ease your transition and that of our new students. You will have an opportunity to get a feel for the Claflin experience as you dine in the Claflin University Dining Center, help your student move into a residence hall, visit our bookstore, tour the campus or the City of Orangeburg.

Confirmation Ceremony

Students will convene for their formal induction into The Freshman College on Wednesday, Jaunary 9, at 11 a.m. in the GTK Auditorium. Following the ceremony, students will walk through the Arch of Confidence, cementing their commitment to college excellence. Note: This special ceremony is reserved for the Class of 2022. Priority seating is provided for students in the Class of 2022. Seating for guests may be limited. 

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