Panther STEPS


Students in Transition Engaged and Preparing for Success


Claflin University’s Panther STEPS (Students in Transition Engaged and Preparing for Success) will be recognized as a national leader in the transitioning of first year college students. To that end, Panther STEPS will create a learning community wherein a placement assessment will be used to gauge the fundamental skills of first-time freshmen and determine their individual educational plan. Panther STEPS will assist students in developing solid, grounded learning habits which will, in turn, allow students to become life-long learners.

Mission Statement

Panther STEPS is a holistic learning community designed to provide an integrated academic and support service approach to facilitate student success. The Panther STEPS serves as a core institutional mechanism by which diverse components of the University’s mission and strategic goals are accomplished. In particular, it seeks to reconcile our historical mission of providing students with access to exemplary educational opportunities with our commitment to develop engaged citizens and visionary leaders.

Panther STEPS accomplishes this by providing all first-year, traditional students with the essential foundations of a liberal arts education in reading, writing, and mathematics. It aims to instill our students with competency and confidence in exercising the fundamental skills of scholarship, as well as to introduce them to the techniques of critical and analytical thinking. Accordingly, the structure of the Panther STEPS intends to foster a community within Claflin University where the requisite skills for engaged leaning are first identified, articulated, nurtured and developed.

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Quality Enhancement Plan


Dr. Williams, Mary M.
Director of Panther Steps QEP
Academic Affairs
Corson Hall, 107
Ph: (803) 535-5185

Mrs. Harris, Twaina A.
Program Coordinator/Panther STEPS/Quality Enhancement
Academic Affairs
Corson Hall, 108
Ph: (803) 535-5167

Ms. McMillan, Nadine
Administrative Assistant Panther Steps
Academic Affairs
Corson Hall, 106
Ph: (803) 535-5472
Fx: (803) 535-5607