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Committed to advancing Claflin University’s mission to “be recognized as one of the premier undergraduate teaching and research universities in the world that prepares effective and visionary leaders with global perspectives,” The Department of English and Foreign Languages is committed to teaching students how to read analytically, think critically, write effectively, and speak persuasively. Students in the department develop an aesthetic appreciation for literature, language, and cultures and learn valuable research techniques.

The Department of English and Foreign Languages at Claflin University offers courses in literature, (including American, British, postcolonial literatures in English from Africa, the Caribbean, South Asia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other Anglophone literary traditions), in American Studies, in English Education, in Spanish and French language and culture, in Gender Studies, in speech communication, in creative writing, and in theatre arts. Three majors are offered: English (with concentrations in literature and creative writing), English Education, and American Studies. Six minors are offered; English, American Studies, French, Spanish, Gender Studies and Theatre Arts. The Department supports the General Education Curriculum through its course offerings in composition, literature, theatre, foreign languages, and gender studies. Additionally, the Department offers a Certificate Program in Gender Studies that fully impacts the ways of knowing the world through the critical study of the roles of gender in the international society.

Academic Advisor/Counselor

Yes, we provide advising. 

Each student who is accepted into one of our majors is assigned a permanent faculty advisor in the department.  This advisor helps the student to keep on track with graduation requirements and counsels the student about career options, study skills, often tutoring, sometimes personal problems—anything we can help with.  Each faculty member has only four to five advisees thus ensuring that each student can be carefully advised.

We prepare you for greater opportunities

Our majors may expect to find careers in advertising, book stores, mass communications, government, Hollywood (as a story analyst) law, museums, Peace Corps, public service organization, publishing, teaching, technical writing, libraries, medical schools and others.

Get ready for dynamic careers

Our majors may find careers in any industry which needs skills in writing and critical thinking, in other words, just about all.  Some are manufacturing, high-tech companies, radio/television/newspaper, corporations with newsletters, entertainment, insurance, securities, and real estate.

Exceptional opportunities

We offer many opportunities/prospects to our students to join. Here are a few:

  • Performing Arts Civic Education
  • Claflin University Theatre Ensemble
  • Claflin Literary Arts and film Society
  • French Club and Round Table
  • Spanish Club and Tertulias
  • Monthly Brown Bag Colloquia
  • Tutor in the Computer-assisted Writing Center
  • Student publications

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