Department of History & Sociology



African and Africanā€American Studies
Politics and Justice Studies
Sociology/Criminal Justice Administration

(program for Continuing Studies students only)

Minors (18 semester credit hours)

African and Africanā€American Studies
Criminal Justice
Political Science

Program Requirements for Majors in the Department of History and Sociology

Students majoring in History, Politics and Justice Studies, Sociology, or African and African American Studies must complete all General Education requirements and satisfy each of the requirements for the major program in which they are enrolled.  Additionally, all students must:

Possess a minimum 2.0 GPA in their General Education courses including a minimum grade of “C” in their English Composition (101 and 102) courses.
Earn a minimum grade of “C” in all courses in the major field.
Complete at least 18 semester credit hours of major field course work at Claflin University.
Complete 12 semester credit hours of departmental required course work culminating with the capstone project. (For majors in History, Politics and Justice Studies, and Sociology).
Pass the appropriate disciplinary competency exam.
Complete all other School of Humanities and Claflin University requirements