Department of Mass Communications


The Department of Mass Communications offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications with concentrations in Public Relations, Journalism, or Digital Media. Students in the Department of Mass Communications will receive an education that combines professional skills with a liberal arts education. Students will be trained in classrooms equipped for the converging world of communications. Students will be enriched by faculty and staff who are actively involved in research and professional endeavors that contribute to advancing their knowledge of public relations, print journalism, and digital media.

The Mass Communications concentration courses develop student competence and skills in

  • The Journalism concentration prepares students for careers as writers and editors for newspapers, magazines, and online media, or as radio and television reporters, hosts, or correspondents.
  • The Public Relations concentration prepares students for careers in both profit and nonprofit businesses as writers or publicists who develop, design, implement and evaluate public relations campaigns.
  • The Digital Media concentration prepares students for behind-the-scenes positions in public or commercial radio and television stations, audio production facilities, recording studios, television production houses, educational institutions, advertising agencies, or industrial or corporate settings.

The concentration courses enable students to gain knowledge about the role of media so that they can become practitioners.


Mass Communications is a high technology area. To that end, the department provides students with a plethora of supervised and unsupervised opportunities to have hands-on experience both in class and outside of class. Students learn to use such state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories as the three-camera digital television studio; the digital sound recording suite; the Avid nonlinear editing suite; the student-run radio station; the automated student-run television station; the award-winning, student-run newspaper; and the comprehensive PC computer lab with layout and design, scriptwriting, word processing, nonlinear video editing, and nonlinear sound editing capabilities