Department of Biology


The Department of Biology offers a curriculum that provides Claflin students with knowledge and understanding of living organisms and their interactions with the environment. Our courses have been crafted to provide a challenging and rewarding learning experience while fostering growth of an enquiring, open-minded and creative attitude. Using the blended approach to learning (formal lectures, seminars, discussion, online exercises, practical experience, etc.), our programs have been designed to prepare students to become informed and productive citizens ready for leadership and service in our multicultural, global and technological society. A distinctive aspect of our undergraduate education is the opportunity for students to participate in summer research internships. These occur both on campus as well as with partner institutions in state (e.g., Medical University of South Carolina, University of South Carolina) and across the nation (e.g., Harvard, Yale, MIT, Johns Hopkins). Internships provide strong mentorship, competitive stipends and hands-on research experience with the chance to publish research findings at regional and national conferences; they also provide students with a competitive edge when applying for graduate fellowships.

Our graduates are employed in a wide range of dynamic careers. Some use their scientific and technical knowledge, both in and outside the laboratory environment, to strengthen corporate research and development. Others use their portfolio of specialist skills and knowledge to support research in universities, government institutes, and similar organizations. Many graduates undertake postgraduate study elsewhere and some have continued their education at Medical, Veterinary, Dentistry, Podiatric, Optometry, and Chiropractic schools. Others seek a more vocational qualification in dietetics, public health service management, physical therapy, and more. Job openings exist also in other life science sectors, including the pharmaceutical industry, in medical information services, medical writing and publishing. Jobs are available in the environmental, agriculture, energy, food, manufacturing and production, marketing and sales, information systems, quality control and regulatory affairs sectors.

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