Department of Biology

Department of Biology

Facilities and Equipment

Biosafety level Cell Culture/Tissue Culture Laboratory:

Approximately 150ft2. Equipped with 3 single laminar flow hoods, 3 CO2 incubators and, cryogenic storage, an inverted microscope and a multirotor tabletop centrifuge. In an adjacent space, a new autoclave with clean steam is available for use.

Microbiology Laboratory

The Microbiology laboratory is 900 sq. ft. and is equipped with two electronic balances, four incubators (one shaking, one CO2), refrigerator, hybridization oven, microcentrifuge, electroporator, DNA and protein electrophoresis equipment, power supplies, UV crosslinker, dry ovens, light microscopes, spectrophotometer, pH meter, DNA and protein gel imaging system, low temperature freezer, thermal cycler, hot plates, rockers, and vortexers. 

Contact Information:
Randall H. Harris, PhD
JST 214
(803) 535-5390 

Biotechnology Center:

Approximately 1000ft2 including a dark room, and microscopy room. Equipped with various DNA and protein electrophoretic equipment, eight thermocyclers (including a specialized in situ PCR thermocycler), autoclave, microinjector, fluorescent microscope, inverted microscope, rotovap, Coulter counter, ELISA plate reader, infrared CO2 incubator, UV/Vis spectrophotometer, two visible range spectrophotometers, incubators, shaking water baths, tabletop centrifuge with swinging bucket and fixed angle rotor system, microcentrifuges, DNA sequencing gel equipment, sonicator and water distiller/deionizer, an ultra low temperature freezer two table-top centrifuges with multi-buckets and two ABI automated DNA sequencers including a single channel 310 model and a 4 channel 3100 model capillary unit.

Contact Information:
Omar Bagasra, MD, PhD
JST 215
(803) 535-5253

Cold Room:

Approximately 48sqft of space with temperature control at 40C with electrical power outlets and shelving.

Claflin University DNA Sequencing and Genetic Analysis Core Facility:

The facility provides DNA sequence and genotyping service and consultation for the HBCU colleges and the community of Orangeburg and nearby counties. The facility is currently equipped with an ABI 3100 Genetic Analyzer, a real-time PCR, a thermal cycler, and a Mac G5 workstation. The facility is under the direction of Dr. Jianguo Chen.

Contact information:
Dr. Jianguo Chen
JST #229
Phone 803-535-5893
Fax 803-535-5776


Approximately 150ft of controlled access space with temperature and light control and watering system.

Contact information:
Mrs. Florence Anorou
JST 231
(803) 535-5249

Molecular Biology/Biochemistry Student Research Lab:

This space, shared by both the biology and chemistry department student researchers is equipped with various DNA and protein electrophoretic equipment, water baths, chromatography equipment, fraction collectors, peristaltic pumps, microcentrifuges, floor model centrifuge, ultra-low temperature freezer, and incubators.

Contact Information:
Rebecca Bullard-Dillard, PhD
JST 225B
(803) 535-5243

Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology Laboratory:

Approximately 400sqft lab equipped with two double laminar flow hoods, two plant growth chambers, a chemical hood, two incubators, one high temperature oven, one refrigerated oven with both shaking and stationary shelves facility, one refrigerator / freezer, one thermocycler, various size DNA gel apparatus and power supplies, three dissection microscopes, one compound microscope, shaking water baths, tabletop centrifuge with swinging bucket and fixed angle rotor system for low and high speed centrifuging, a new autoclave with clean steam, a pH meter, several balances, three open air shakers, and an HPLC with RI detector. In addition, we also have an anaerobic hood and chamber for conducting research on anaerobes.

Contact information:
Kamal Chowdhury, PhD
JST 209
(803) 535-5723