Department of Biology


The Department of Biology endeavors to offer a curriculum that provides Claflin students with knowledge and understanding of living organisms and their interactions with the environment. Instruction and experiences are designed to prepare students to become informed and productive citizens ready for leadership and service in our multicultural, global and technological society.

  • The Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology and Minor in Chemistry is designed to prepare students to enter health care fields and/or to earn advanced degree for pursuit of these careers.
  • The Bachelor of Science with a Major in Bioinformatics is designed to prepare students for careers in this newly developing field that applies computer science and statistical methodologies to the biology subfields of genomics and proteomics. Students completing the major would be eligible for jobs in a wide range of disciplines or ready for graduate degree programs in the field.
  • The Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biotechnology is designed to prepare world-class scientists to participate in the shaping of our future. These students will be leaders in the biotechnology industry, in academia and in government. Students will learn about topics ranging from the latest developments in recombinant DNA technology to non-technical issues that students must understand to bring biotechnology products to market, such as bioethics, government regulatory policies, drug approval policies and patent law.
  • The Bachelor of Science with a Major in Environmental Science is designed for students who desire to enter graduate school or professions as an environmental specialist with government, academics industriesand others.

Students wishing to major in Biology, Bioinformatics, Biology Education or Environmental Science or who wish to pursue a dual-degree programs must apply to the Department of Biology for acceptance.

Application Procedures for Undergraduate Programs Study in Dept. of Biology

Students majoring in Biology, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, or Environmental Science must complete all General Education requirements and also satisfy the requirements of the major program in which they are enrolled. In addition, each student must:

  • Fill out (at the end of the year ) a Departmental Application for Major form for approval
  • Successfully complete the General Education Exit Exam, which is to be taken at the end of the sophomore year (minimum of 45 semester hours completed);
  • Write and present to the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics a senior research proposal or thesis