Department of Chemistry

 The Department of Chemistry offers an American Chemical Society (ACS) approved major in chemistry and a curriculum that provides students with a solid understanding of the chemical sciences as well as practical experience. Students are prepared to compete effectively in graduate schools, professional schools, and in the workplace. The Department of Chemistry uses laboratory experiments, research and summer internships to expose students to the multicultural, technological and global society in which they will be expected to function.

After graduation you can pursue a dynamic career

Chemistry and biochemistry graduates can pursue careers in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries. Alternatively, they may enter graduate schools to continue their college education and obtain advanced degrees, MS or PhD in various science fields that include Medical School, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Dental School, Nursing School, Biochemistry and others.

Outside internships

University of Pittsburgh, UNCF/Department of Defense Summer Program, Clemson University (SURP), University of Pennsylvania (SURP), Mellon Program, Brown University, Furman University-INBRE, Furman University REU, MSRTP Drexel School of Medicine, SEEP Program at Medical College of Georgia, Stanford University, Yale University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Oregon, Glaxosmithkline.


Preparing Students for Leadership and Service in a Multicultural, Global and Technological Society The purpose of the Department of Chemistry is to produce graduates with a solid understanding of and practical experience in the chemical sciences so that they will be able to compete effectively and be successful in graduate school, professional school and the work place. 


 The following is a synopsis of current research projects available to students.