Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science endeavors to provide programs for students in general education, Mathematics Education and Pre-Engineering and for students wishing to pursue professional careers or graduate study in the field of Mathematics, Computer Engineering and Management Information Systems.


Students entering mathematics and computer science programs must meet standards prescribed by the institution for selecting a major.

Faculty Research


The department chair advises all the freshman. All faculty in the department are advisors of some students.

After graduation you can pursue a dynamic career:

Programmer, Researcher, Database administrator, School teacher, Accountant, graduate schools, etc.

The majority of the job industries are:

Information Technology, Banking & Finance, Accounting, Engineering, Education, Federal/Provincial organizations and others.

Student Organization

 National Society of Black Engineers

A student may major in Mathematics, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, or Computer Engineering by completing the requirements for the professional program in the chosen major. A major in Mathematics or Computer Science includes an open minor or additional electives. Each student majoring in an area offered by the Department must meet the following requirements:

  • Pass all major, support, and elective courses;
  • Pass the General Education Exam and the Senior Exit Examination covering the objectives of the required courses in his/her program;
  • Attend and pass departmental seminar courses
  • Submit a departmentally approved Honors Senior Thesis (Honor's College Students) or a Senior Proposal (Regular Students) that attempts the solution of a problem.