Faculty Research

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Dr. Abdullah M. Khan

 Assistant Professor
School of Business
Trustee Hall, Room #10
Phone: 803-535-5479
Fax: 803-535-5203


Khan, Abdullah M.(2014). Impact of Employment Agglomeration on Patented Innovation in U.S. Manufacturing Industries from 1986 to 2008. International Journal of Business and Social Research, 4(10), 25-42. (Full text downloadable link: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2522776)

Khan, Abdullah M., Impact of Globalization on Productivity of U.S. Manufacturing Labor: 1988-2003 (October 15, 2012). International Journal of Business and Social Research, 2(5), 203-218 (Full text download link: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2161887)

Khan, A. M., & Roy, P. A. (2011). Globalization and the Determinants of Innovation in BRICS versus OECD Economies: A Macroeconomic Study. Journal of Emerging Knowledge in Emerging Markets, 3, 29-45 (full text downloadable link)
Khan, A. M., Roy, A. K., & Veliyath, R. (2011). Globalization and International R&D Flows into Emerging Markets: Nomothetic Evidence. Journal of Emerging Knowledge in Emerging Markets, 3, 118-140. (full text downloadable link)

Khan, Abdullah and Rider, Mark (2010). The Impact of Globalization on Agglomeration:  The Case of U.S. Manufacturing Employment from 1988 to 2003, Working paper no. 10-07, Georgia State University. (full text download link)
Khan, Abdullah and Sjoquist, David. (2006), Adequate Funding of Education in Georgia: What Does It Mean, What Might It Cost, How Could It Be Implemented?, Fiscal Research Center Report no. 129, Georgia State University (published in May, 2006) (full text downloadable link)

Other Research Papers:
Trends in Industrial Agglomeration: The Case of U.S. Manufacturing Industries, 1988-2003 (Doctoral Dissertation)

Work in Progress:
Trends in Employment Agglomeration in U.S. Service Sector Industries (1988-2014)

Globalization and Patented Innovation in Developing Vs. Developed Countries across Eight Manufacturing Industries from 1988 to 2003