Faculty Research

Dr. Jorge A. Salvo

Associate Professor of Spanish
Department of English and Foreign Languages
 School of Humanities and Social Sciences


My main area of research is the African Diaspora. I am working with a multidisciplinary approach on the presence of the African Diaspora in the early years of the Spanish Conquest. My specific research today is on the presence of African cimarroons in the Southern Frontier of Spanish Colonialism, in what is today southern Chile and Argentina, the Mapuche Culture. One of my theories is that a similar form of mixed culture formed in the Southern Frontier of English Colonialism, with the Seminoles, and in the Northern Frontier of French Colonialism, with the Iraquois Confederation. This will be the next step in my research.

Currently, I am researching in two opposite historical direction: reinterpreting the historical sources of the Spanish Conquest, and reevaluating the Cultural features of modern Mapuche Culture to retrace them to their origin.