Independence Day (University closed)

  • Dates: 04 Jul, 2014

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  1. Masayuki | Feb 23, 2014
    I preferred gteitng notifications from the sponsors of events. The digests are very sketchy, and clicking on a link to find out more information just brings up the College calendar not very informative. Worse, it takes a long time for that link to load (at least on my phone) so that I can find out who's involved in an event. If we're going to stick with this system (and I'd vote for reverting to the old one), could you add to the digest information the name(s) of College people or organizations that are involved? For instance, for Works in Progress, name the faculty member who is presenting. If it's a brown-bag panel, mention the sponsoring organization. I'd also suggest sending this out Thursday, to provide a bit more lead-time.

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