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Claflin University Senior Aubrey Jackson is Having a Big Summer Interning at Good Morning America

Jul 24, 2012

Senior mass communications major Aubrey Jackson is spending her summer in the “city of dreams,” New York City.  She is serving as a communications intern with the highest rated morning show in America, ABC’s Good Morning America. 

When asked how she landed such a “cool summer gig” she replies, “I applied for the internship, and prayed about it. I knew if it was meant for me it would happen, I am so blessed to have been selected out of hundreds of other applicants”. 

Jackson is no stranger to being involved and putting forth hard work. During her junior year, she served as president for the Mass Communications Society, member of the Pre-Alumni Association, National Society of Leadership and Success and as Miss Homecoming.

“I feel it is very important to be well rounded and involved, it sets you apart from others as it relates to experience and interest” says Jackson.

While interning at Good Morning America, Jackson has learned a plethora of life and professional lessons, met some influential people, as well as strengthened her journalism skills. She also had the opportunity to appear on national television serving as fashion segment model on Good Morning America, which aired on the Fourth of July.

“When I enter the studio or office, I always anticipate something new and fun to happen and I love that about ABC and GMA. They ensure that their interns have hands on experience,” she said.

With only weeks left of her internship, Jackson feels as though she has made an impact in only a summer’s time. Aubrey attends production meetings where she pitches story ideas to producers; one of her story pitches on ways to take flawless pictures made the cut and was aired featured on the premiere taping of ABC’s Good Afternoon America. 

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