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Residential Life

The Residential Life Office exists for the purpose of providing a safe, comfortable, and active living environment at Claflin University. The residence halls offer more to students than simply a place to study. Students who choose to live on campus are close to classrooms, computer labs, the dining hall, academic support services, and other University services. Living on campus, you can meet new people, attend an array of student activities, participate in campus clubs and organizations, and become involved in campus leadership

The residence halls have the distinctive responsibility to create, organize, and manage an environment that supports the mission of Claflin University. Further, Residence Life strives to encourage individual responsibility among students by facilitating their personal growth and development.

Through the residence hall experience students are challenged to broaden their understanding and appreciation of various life styles, cultures, values and attitudes. The Para professional and professional staff in Residential Life are charged as educators and managers to provide the environment and services which will enhance the total development of students.


Student Photo Gallery

Check out these scenes from some of the latest Claflin University campus events!

Panther Fest 201315

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