Faculty Research

Florence Anoruo

Assistant of Professor of Biology and Environmental Science
School of Natural Science & Mathematics
James S. Thomas, Rm #322
Email: fanoruo@claflin.edu
Ph: (803) 535-5249
Fx: (803) 535-5776


My research interests focus on plant/herbivore chemically-mediated interactions. The research investigations are specifically directed towards elucidating the effects of nutrient availabilty on the production and function of monoterpenoids, and the role of monoterpenoids as defense chemicals in plants. The interaction between nutrient availability and  Frankia, (an actinomycete) is also investigated, to determine the effect of Frankia on monoterpenoid production.

Critical evaluation of the role of monoterpoids as attractant of third trophic level predators, and/or deterrent of generalist and specialist predator is an integral part of my research. Additionally, special attention is also paid to the convergence of terrestrial plant species with similar leaf volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for functional efficiency, and the effects of convergence on community structure. The environmental factors that influence the production and function of these leaf volatile compounds and other allelochemicals are investigated.  

Current research objectives include examination of the role of microsymbionts in phytoremediation and/or bioremediation, alleloc\hemical control of plant pest Meloidygyne incongnita (Root knot nematode), and biotic and abiotic factors that affect sucrose, lignocellulosic content, and energy per bushel of various biofuel feedstock (Sugarcane, Sorghum, Miscanthus, E-tuber).

or drug discovery.