Faculty Research

Mr. Habibur Rahman

Associate Professor of Digital Design
Department of Art
School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Phone: 803 535 5302
Email: hrahman@clalin.edu


My research is evolving around freehand graphics as an art form. Also, I focus on its application in digital media. I produce large scale drawings with graphite and color pencils. Some of them were exhibited in Saatchi Art Gallery (virtual) and in Governor’s School, Greenville and in Arthur Rose Museum, Claflin University.

 My other research is on developing a virtual museum for exhibiting artworks of promising and prominent artists of many demographic regions. Students of art are trained to do this research to develop curriculum for a couple of ongoing courses of the department. They will learn to collect data, interview the artist, take photographs of artworks and curate the exhibition in the virtual museum exclusively designed for the research. Digital software like Photoshop, AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max would be utilized for this research. This research was funded by Claflin.

The other research is on my monograph which has been compiled together on the catalogs and artworks I produced for art exhibitions in Arthur Rose Museum during the period of seven years from 2003. The monograph will be published in the form of a book with the help of a funded grant from Claflin.