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General Financial Aid Information

Student Loan Information

Download IRS Publications/Forms and General Information

Note: See IRS Publication 970 for higher education tax benefits and IRS Publication 4 for information on potential student tax liabilities.

Applying for Financial Aid

  • FAFSA on the Web                                                                                          
  • U.S. Department of Education                                                   

Career and College Planning

  • Preparing & Paying for College                                                  
  • ACT Online Information                                                                               
  • Planning For College                                                                                       

Scholarship Search for International Students

Scholarship Information for Veterans and Family of Service Members

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation: (609) 921-3534 •
Veteran's Ed. Customer Service: 888-442-4551
Veteran's Guidance: 800-827-1000
Army Emergency Relief Foundation: (703) 960-3982
Armed Forces Benefit Association: 800-776-2322
Air Force Aid Society: (202) 692-9305

Scholarship Searches

  • College Board                    
  • Hispanic College Fund, Inc.                                                                          
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund                                                                            
  • The Gates Millennium Scholars (for Minorities)                  
  • Paying for College                                                                                            

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