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Student Profiles


Student profiles appear on the Meet Our Students page, in the Meet Our Students slider, and as individual student profile pages. Profiles should be added frequently. Consider adding at least six new profiles each semester that represent a wide range of academic interests. Archive profiles of students after graduation or migrate former student profiles to alumni profiles once there are success stories to share.

Adding and Editing Student Profiles

From the Content drop down at the top, select Student Profiles. To create a new student profile, select the Create a Student Profile button. To edit an existing one, click on the profile from the list.




  • Full Name: Full display name of the person & unique identifier 
  • First Name: First name of the person 
  • Last Name: Last name of the person 
  • Introduction Text: A short introduction about the person
  • Biography: the editor field that collects the full biography of the person to appear on the detail view
  • Graduation Year: Year the person graduates 
  • Quote: Quote from the person
  • Image: Image of the person to appear everywhere the profile is displayed
  • Major: Major of the person


  • Student Profiles - Detail: Template used to display individual profile detail pages
  • Student Profiles - Meet Our Students:  Template used to display list of student profiles on the Meet Our Students page
  • Student Profiles - Profile Grid: Displays a grid of student profiles
  • Meet Our Students Slider: Displays a slider of  students and links to their detail pages
  • Student Quote Row:  Displays the quote of selected profile, intended for use in full width column area


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