How to Request Maintenance

InSite – Maintenance Request System

User Guide

1) Go to Maintenance Connection.

2) If you have registered, and remember your username and password, please enter them.

If you have not registered for access to the new system (Implemented in June, 2011), please click on the “Click Here” next to “Need to sign up for the first time?” Then see step 13 below.

If you have registered, but cannot remember your password, Please click on the “Click Here” next to the “Did you forget your password?”

Please note that if you make three attempts to sign on with an incorrect password, the system will lock the username, and it generally takes two to three business days to get the username re-set.

3) If you have registered, and remember your username and password, please enter them.

4) In the pop up window, click on Service Requester.

5) The system should automatically open to the “Submit Service Request” screen. If not, please click on the Submit Service Request at the top left of the screen.

6) Once in the “Submit Service Request” screen, from the first drop down box (Asset) choose the appropriate building.

7) The system will then provide a new drop down box. From this drop down box, you can choose the floor.

8) A third drop down box will appear. From here, you can choose the exact location: i.e. room number.

9) Now, you will go to the “Problem” drop down box. This will allow you to choose a trade or problem code (i.e.: Carpentry, Toilet, Cold, Hot, Leak-Plumbing, etc.).

10) Next, in the “Short Description” box, please type out a description of the repair or maintenance needed.

NOTE: Please only report one repair per work order. In the past, we have received carpentry, plumbing, and electrical requests on the same work order. This makes the work order extremely hard to assign and track completion, as the individual tasks may be assigned to different technicians.

11) Click “Submit.” You will only need to click the Submit button once. Depending on server and connection speeds, it may take a moment to refresh the screen. Clicking the Submit button more than once will generate multiple work orders.

12) Congratulations! You have just submitted a Maintenance Request.

Signing up for the first time

13) After choosing to sign up for the first time, in the new screen, make sure that “I am not a member of Maintenance Connection is selected, then click “OK.”

14) Enter the “Connection Key:” 10171001.

15) In the spaces provided, complete the Profile Info:

First Name
Last Name
E-mail Address

16) Choose a Member ID and Password. (You must enter your password twice)

17) Choose a Security Question and type in your answer.

18) In the “Specify your Repair Center” drop down box, make sure that “Facilities” is selected.

19) Read the “Terms of Use” and click in the box for “I have read and accept the terms of use."

20) Click “OK.”

21) From here, and e-mail will be sent to the system administrator, who will finalize creation of your account. Once the account creation has been finalized, you will receive an e-mail stating that your registration is complete.

Other Helpful Information

  • You may also check on the status of work orders from the system, using the “Service Request Status” option on the left hand side of the screen.
  • E-mails will be sent to you once work requests are closed in the system.
  • From the home page, you can Update your profile, Change your password, etc.


Q) What happens to my request once it is submitted?

A) The request is sent to the System Administrators and Managers, These are the Sodexo Assistant GM, Administrative Assistant, and Maintenance Manager. They review the request, and assign it to the appropriate technician.

Q) How does the Technician know they have a work order?

A) The work orders are sent to their phones. Also, Work Orders are reviewed in the Morning Huddle with the technicians. For Housekeeping associates, paper work orders are generated and distributed to the Housekeeping Supervisors.

Q) How do the work orders get “Closed?”

A) Once the technician has completed the work order, they mark the work order “Complete” on their phones. The System Administrator and Managers are then able to go into the system to close out the work order. This gives us the ability to review notes, add notes, etc. If a paper work order has been created, the paper work order is turned in to the System Administrator, and they are able to close the work order out in the system.

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