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Nicholas J. Hill is a native of Canton, MS with a strong belief in the value of educating the next generation of global leaders in Business, especially those from HBCUs. He has served in higher education for the last 13 years as both administrator and professor.  His current research interest centers aroundContemporary Issues in Health, Labor and Urban Economics with a strategic focus on African-American’s entrepreneurship rates. His research stream includes numerous peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, presentations, and funding from grants. His quantitative expertise includes 15+ years of working with primary research studies, a variety of multi-level strategic approaches, econometric modeling and data analytics. Utilizing his training, he was able to develop key and strategic partnerships with private and financial institutions, as well as government agencies, that has led to funding for the Universities in which he has served. 

As an academic leader he was responsible for developing innovative ways to enhance the academic experience for students by preparing them for the emerging global business market. He also has a strong belief in community engagement and served as the Founding Director for the Center for Research in Economic Education and Literacy in Finance (CREELF). This center partnered with the Mississippi Council for Economic Education (MCEE) and the Council For Economic Education (CEE). As Center Director, his primary objective was to organize and develop K-12 teachers that would infuse Economics, Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurship into their curriculum. Furthermore, he served as a partner with NAACP where he helps organizers achieve equity and justice for vulnerable and marginalized people who are often underrepresented. He is also the founder and owner of John Nicholas Consulting Group, LLC that is dedicated to providing realistic, accurate and replicable analytic consulting for all of your academic, business and governmental needs. 

            His greatest accomplishment is that he is the husband to Mary-Margarette Hill and the father to Nicholas John Champion Hill, Jr., Harper Theodore Champion Hill, Clark Leon Champion Hill and Jean-Marc Champion Hill.               


Ph D, Jackson State University, 2006.

Major: Business Administration, Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Economics

MA, Howard University, 2002.

Major: Economics, Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Urban Economics

BA, Tougaloo College, 2000.

Major: Economics, Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Business Administration

Research Interests

Entrepreneurship Rates, Health and Urban Economics, Informal Economy, Choice Theory, Consumer Behavior

Recent Publications

Hill, N.J., Collins, S., and Crump, M.E.S., (2019) Examining the link between Entrepreneurs and Risky Sexual BehaviorSouthwestern Economic Review, Vol (46) (1), 31-47

Crump, M.E.S., Hills, N.J, & Hardin, B.W. (2018) Informal economy as a cause for understating actual rates of entrepreneurship among blacks in the U.S. and in AfricaInternational Journal of Business and Economic Development, Vol (6) (3)

Hill, N., McGregory, R. and J. Peoples, (2018) Noncitizen Employment and the Wages of Healthcare Support Workers in the USJournal of Labor Research(September) https://doi.org/10.1007/s12122-018-9276-9 

Crump, M., Hill, N. and P. Taylor, (2017) Examining Minority Population and the Impact of Informal Economy Activity on Collected Revenues in U.S. CitiesWashington Business Research Journal, (7) (1), 6 - 41


Recent Presentations

Hill, N. and D. Williams, “The “Boomer” Effect: The Aging Population Impact on the Low Skill Labor Market in Mississippi”, Annual Advancing Mississippi Conference, Jackson, MS, (June 7, 2018)

Hill, N., “Minority Economics: Entrepreneurship as a Catalyst for Economic Growth in Comminutes and a Way to Increase Family’s Wealth. A Discussion of Potential Success: The Case of McComb, MS”, Mississippi Association of Supervisor Minority Caucus Annual Conference, Rust College, Mississippi, (April 12, 2018) (invited)

Hill, G., Hill, N. and P. Taylor, Southwestern Society of Economist, “A Measurement of Energy Poverty in the United States of America”, Albuquerque, NM , (March 8, 2018) 

Wiggins, C., Hill, N. and J. Shappley, (2017), American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, “Examining the relationship between Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and Obesity in Mississippi”, Atlanta, GA (November 4-8,  2017) (Poster )

Crump, M., Hill, N. and P. Taylor, (2017) “Examining Minority Population and the Impact of Informal Economy Activity on Collected Revenues in U.S. Cities”, Washington, Business Research Forum, Washington, DC (March 24, 2017) 

Dr. Hill
Dr. Nicholas John Hill
Dean of School of Business, Professor of Economics
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