The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a liberal arts degree designed for those students who plan careers as musicians and who wish to enter graduate or professional music schools, or for those who wish to pursue music as a vocation. Performing areas include Piano, Vocal, or Instrumental Music.


Courses vary based on performing area.

Vocal Concentration

  • Applied Voice
  • University Choir
  • Sightsinging
  • Piano

Instrumental Concentration

  • University Band
  • Class Piano
  • Applied Instrument
  • General Conducting
  • Counterpoint

Piano Concentration

  • Applied Piano
  • World Music
  • Arranging
  • Piano Literature

Admissions Requirements

All students preparing for an audition for admission into the Claflin University Department of Music should observe the following policies and procedures:

Students must provide their own instrument, except for a concert piano.

Any piece of music performed must generally be recognized to be an integral composition (arrangement or original), written for the instrument or voice part upon which it is to be executed and performed in its entirety, unless stopped by the faculty elevators. However, performers may play single movements of multi-movement compositions.

All solos written with piano accompaniments must be performed with that accompaniment or a recording of it. Exceptions will be considered prior to the audition date.

All performers are expected to demonstrate individual musical proficiency by selecting music of a grade level appropriate for potential University-level music students.

Examples of "appropriate" literature for winds, brass and percussion may be found in the most current fall issue of the South Carolina Musician magazine. Region, District, and State level Honor Band audition etudes are acceptable as well.

Students auditioning as potential voice majors should present two songs from memory. At least one should be an art song or suitable aria (opera or operetta) sung in the original language.

Pianists should refer to the "Suggested Literature" chart of the "Guild Syllabus," distributed by the National Guild of Piano Teachers, which is a division of the American College of Musicians.

At the request of the panel of judges, all performers will be required to sightread an unfamiliar selection. The selection will be chosen from the standard collections of hymns, folk songs or etudes.

At the request of the panel of judges, all performers will be required to play all major scales and chromatic scale.

All performers will be required to take a written diagnostic assessment of music fundamentals.

Audition for Scholarships

Auditions for music scholarships are held throughout each year, and are awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional performance ability and academic achievement. Scholarships range from $500 to full tuition, room and board. Students will follow the same procedures for auditioning as mentioned above. 

The last date to audition for scholarships are indicated on the Department of Music Audition Application. Additional information on institutional scholarships, grants, loans and federal work-study is available through the University's Office of Financial Aid.

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